It All Starts With INTENTION

It really doesn’t matter what sort of business you’re in or what sort of business you want to start. It all starts with having an INTENTION, a reason for doing it. This is often referred to as your WHY.

You have to have a very clear idea of why you want to do whatever you are thinking of, and then what it actually is that you are trying to achieve.

I struggled with this concept for years, all the while wondering why my businesses weren’t working. I’ve owned several businesses over the years and none of them went very well. It was because I wasn’t clear on my objective. I knew the WHY, I just didn’t know the WHAT.

It’s no good simply saying to yourself that you want to achieve your dream or a certain lifestyle because it’s not specific enough. You have to know exactly, precisely what your objective is then shout it from the rooftops! (well at least write it down and put it out there into the Universe)

There is a lot of talk around the internet about “Living The Dream”, “Becoming the best version of yourself”, “The Power Of Positive Thinking” and lots of other stuff but no amount of inspirational quotes, images or video is going to cut it on its own. You must have a very, very clear intention and you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to get there with lots of hard work.

The obvious reason for having a successful business is to make lots of money so you can have all the things the rich people have; the houses, the cars, the holidays, private jet, private island etc. etc. but actually being successful is not about the money at all. It’s never about the money, you only have to study wealthy people to see that they all have something in common. They all know exactly who they are, what they’re doing and why they are doing it. A great many successful and wealthy people started with nothing but they knew what they wanted and generally speaking they knew what they didn’t want. They would never want their families to suffer the way they did, so they strived to be better people and make a good life.

Your “WHY” needs to be deeply personal and emotional. Something you absolutely believe in. Then you must have the conviction and passion to make sure you follow through and never ever give up on that dream. It takes self -confidence and bitter determination to put the nay-sayers out of your mind. There will be those who tell you you’re not good enough, you don’t have what it takes, you’re not clever enough…blah blah. Some will be your own family and friends! Don’t listen to any negative comments and banish all negative thoughts, just get stuck in and do it. There is nothing quite as satisfying as proving all the doubters wrong. It is never easy but well worth it.

It is an interesting fact that businesses, especially online businesses never fail. They either succeed or they quit. 95% of business owners give up in their first year, the ones that succeed are the owners with persistence. They keep going even if they have to sacrifice everything to succeed, that’s the level of commitment I’m talking about.

There are any number of so called business opportunities around. Most of them don’t deliver and many promise success without any substance. If money is your driving force, or more correctly your lack of money, then you won’t succeed. There is no reason why you should. On the other hand if you have a passion for something that involves a deep down willingness to become a better person, then your chances of success become very high.

Albert Einstein once said “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value

Become An Amazon Seller

The Cool Way To Sell Online

Becoming a seller on Amazon is a relatively easy way to start your own online business. You don’t need any particular computer skills to start, just sign up for the training course and get started. You will learn a lot along the way and there is always help if and when you need it. I use “Hot Product Formula” with Alex Ryan. (This isn’t an affiliate link, I just want you to find it quickly)

The biggest thing for me is that he is an ex-Kiwi living in Australia, my part of the world. He speaks my language and I can speak to him on the phone in the same way I would talk to a mate at home.

The purpose of this site is to let you follow along with my particular journey by way of video and blog posts. They are short daily vlogs letting you know how far I’ve got through the training and how I’m progressing with taking the actions required to actually start selling.

Now, I am possibly the worst procrastinator in the world when it comes to doing new stuff I’m a bit scared of. I’m 62 years old this year and not used to learning new tricks. I have attempted online marketing before so I do know some things, but I’ve never ever actually got started on anything. Doing these blog posts and videos is my way of forcing myself to keep going, even when it gets hard and scary. It keeps me accountable.

Selling On Amazon 3

Well, I’ve chosen a supplier for my product on and arranged for a sample to be sent to me. When I get it I’ll be able to inspect it for quality then take some good marketing photos ready to go with the listing onAmazon when I get to that stage.