Hi, my name is Mike Scherer and I’m an eternal optimist. I tend to think that we all have the right to live and work as we please so long as we don’t upset anyone (or not to many anyway) and abide by the law of the land.

I originally trained as a Civil Engineer. I like things to be ordered and neat. Not quite to the point of OCD, but close. I didn’t like working in the public service as I was back in the 70’s so took an opportunity to become a Dairy Farmer. My Father was a farmer as was his Father before him. It seemed the right thing to do and I loved it. After 20 years the end of my marriage soon mean’t the farm had to be sold and I had to move on. I went into Hospitality, Accommodation to be more accurate and bought a Motel lease. Big mistake, it’s really hard work and almost impossible to make money as a lessee. From there I branched out to own an Office Machinery servicing business. I found this really enjoyable for a time but eventually got fed up with it. At the same time I became a Franchisee for a major accommodation chain which again was very satisfying. The franchise was great but I didn’t like having to answer to the wealthy but ignorant owners of my building who were only interested in their own self interests and not my business.

About this time my second wife had had enough and so I left. I left the business to her, which failed very quickly afterwards, left my house and lost everything. I borrowed some money from my Mother and travelled to The United States of America. That really opened my eyes to the world. I had travelled before to Africa, UK and Australia but America was so much more.

My youngest son is severely brain injured. On my return from America It seemed reasonable to me that I no longer needed to be managing a team of caregivers for him when I could do the work myself. After all I had nothing better to do and knew how to do it.

That single decision changed my life. I suddenly realised what I was missing; time freedom, passion and a good income. Looking after my son is hard work but I do it at home and find plenty of time to pursue my hobbies and interests. I enjoy tinkering with my old P38 Range Rover truck and have always loved aviation and flying light aircraft. I was a keen Adventure Bike rider until a serious accident put me out of action for a time.

I have re-married, we own a lovely house in a gorgeous location by the beach where we live with my wife’s daughter, my son, 2 dogs and 5 cats.